Why choosing a career as an automotive technician is a smart choice in 2023

Are you passionate about becoming an automobile technician but unsure if this is the best career path for you? You are in the proper direction. The benefits of being an automotive technician as a career in 2023 will be covered in this article. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about automotive mechanics, including the pay and training programmes you may take to succeed in the field.

If you wish to study in Australia, there are many options for auto mechanic vocational education and training programmes that may help you convert your love of vehicles into a career. Regular vehicle maintenance, repair, and inspection are necessary for an automotive mechanic.

To explain the problems to consumers, a qualified automotive technician need to have a thorough grasp of mechanics. Additionally, a technician needs to maintain effective communication skills to forge relationships of trust with clients and customers.

What Responsibilities And Duties Do Automotive Technicians Have?

An automotive mechanic has duties beyond only identifying and repairing car problems. If we take a deeper look, we can see that automotive mechanics carry out a wide range of duties every day, some of which are stated below:

  • To fix mechanical issues, systems must be tested and repaired.
  • Performing standard maintenance procedures like coolant and oil changes, filter replacements, and wheel alignments.
  • Utilising numerous tools and pieces of machinery to put parts together and rearrange them.
  • Maintaining a sufficient supply of the necessary mechanical parts in the stores and supplies department. advising clients on matters related to automobile maintenance and preserving strong, reliable bonds.

Automotive technicians can operate in a variety of environments, including full-time positions, garages, auto dealerships, automobile consultancies, etc. The technician handles the numerous gases, lubricants, and loud noises of engines and running systems while taking all necessary safeguards and keeping the potential dangers in mind.

What Advantages Come With Becoming an Automotive Technician?

1. Greater Future Potential

Numerous statistics and studies indicate that the position of an automotive technician may lead to an increase in pay and career opportunities. Mechanical and electrical systems merge as technology develops to provide a variety of sets and tools for the future. As a result, there are more complex positions and services created, increasing career prospects in the automotive sector.

Enrolling in the course today will give you the chance to learn about contemporary mechanics, such as sophisticated sensors, infotainment systems, parking assistance, and more if you have a passion for vehicles and autos.

2. Work’s Purpose And Variety

As a car mechanic, you’ll have to deal with a variety of everyday problems. Automotive mechanic training will be the best course for you to enrol in, nevertheless, if driving automobiles and trucks is your love.

3. Greater Job Satisfaction

Assume that, in addition to having to create cutting-edge and amazing automobiles, you are enthusiastic about relieving people by helping them with their difficult difficulties and ensuring that their lives are kept in order. In such a scenario, enrolling in auto mechanic training can assist you in achieving that objective while also improving job satisfaction and promoting mental calm.

4. Make Fast Money

In contrast to a four-year college degree, a suitable auto mechanic school or training programme enables you to enter the market fast with a comprehensive experience of two years. If you want to start making money right away, training programmes are always the best option because they incorporate apprenticeships, allowing even students to find work to practise alongside.

What Employment Possibilities Exist After Choosing An Automotive Training Programme?

A skilled technician has a wide range of alternatives and possibilities to advance by obtaining further qualifications needed to become a master mechanic. Following that, the following jobs are listed for you to easily accept:

  • Paint tech
  • Vehicle mechanic
  • Collisions Tech
  • Service Advisor
  • Auto service technician
  • Collision estimator

To increase your work prospects, you can further specialise in certain roles like engine repair, heating, and air conditioning technician, using scan tools and diagnostic equipment, etc.

How Much Money Can An Australian Automotive Mechanic Make?

Even in Australia, the automotive industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. In Australia, for instance, the salary of a qualified automotive technician might reach $65,000.

Perth, which offers wages starting at $73,000 annually, is among the best-paying cities, followed by Brisbane, Sydney, Blacktown, and Artarmon.

It goes without saying that you may build the intellectual ability to master the art of automotive mechanics and boost your potential to obtain a fulfilling job by choosing a suitable course, the correct skills, and approaches.

What Are the Steps to Becoming an Automotive Technician?

The most crucial quality you need to have to operate as an automobile mechanic is a desire for executing the task with entire faith and efficiency, even if you’re only doing it for the money. How to train as an automobile technician in Australia is as follows:

Select the best course for you:

1. AUR30620 – Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

The course entails rigorous examinations of full comprehension of a variety of duties carried out on light cars in the automotive sector. The fundamentals of servicing and repair are taught to the students in this course. A person must be at least 18 years old and have successfully completed high school, which takes 10 years to complete. Additionally, international students must pass a language proficiency exam on the website with a minimum score in order to enrol.

2. AUR40216 – Certificate Iv in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis

With the help of this certification programme, service and repair technicians will have increased responsibility and scope for their motor diagnostic work. The course lasts for 26 weeks, including holidays and assessments. 11 years of study completed, or a certificate III or equivalent, are required for admittance.

3. AUR50216 – Diploma of Automotive Technology

Such diploma programmes require students to develop their leadership and management skills in the automotive sector. To be eligible for the diploma, a person must have successfully finished 12 years of study or have earned a Certificate IV.


A career path filled with interesting work opportunities and a wide range of career options may be achieved by entering the automotive business with a strong enthusiasm for cars. You can develop the skills and procedures necessary to get management and supervisory positions even if you begin with simple repair and maintenance tasks.

You may learn the art of mechanics to transform your concepts and thoughts about cars into more significant realities within the automotive business, with high income and maximum career satisfaction. Learn More

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