Education Agent Policy


This policy has been developed to outline the process for selection of Education Agents to satisfy the requirements National Code and ESOS Act.


APEIRO INSTITUTE takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the Education Agents it engages are ethical, professional and have a working knowledge of:

  • The National Code,
  • The ESOS Act, and
  • APEIRO INSTITUTE’s services

APEIRO INSTITUTE will not recruit or maintain a relationship with any Education Agent who is unethical, dishonest, or does not adhere to the principles of the agreement.



APEIRO INSTITUTE will select Education Agents on the basis of their overall experience and understanding of the National Code and ESOS Act:

  • Education Agents making application to APEIRO INSTITUTE must provide a minimum of 2 Referral Reports. In the event the Education Agent cannot supply this, then APEIRO INSTITUTE will make a professional judgement on the validity of the Education Agents application.

APEIRO INSTITUTE uses Education Agents and will enter into a written agreement with each Education Agent it engages.

  • The agreement will specify the Roles and Responsibilities of both parties,
  • Will include processes for monitoring the activities of the education agent, including where corrective action may be required, and
  • Termination conditions

APEIRO INSTITUTE will ensure in writing that the Education Agent Agrees to cooperate with the VET Regulator:

  • by providing accurate and factual responses to information requests from the VET Regulator relevant to the delivery of services; and
  • in the conduct of audits and the monitoring of its operations.

Monitoring processes may include:

  • Face to face meetings,
  • Regular Feedback from Students on the Agent,
  • KPI’s, and
  • Telephone, Online or Email surveys

APEIRO INSTITUTE will not accept students from an Education Agent or enter into an agreement with an Education Agent if it knows or reasonably suspects the education agent to be:

  • Engaged in, or to have previously been engaged in, dishonest practices, including the deliberate attempt to recruit a student where this clearly conflicts with the obligations of registered providers under Standard 7 (Transfer between registered providers)
  • Facilitating the enrolment of a student who the education agent believes will not comply with the conditions of his or her student visa
  • Using Provider Registration and International Students Management System (PRISMS) to create Confirmations of Enrolment for other than a bona fide student
  • Providing immigration advice when not authorised under the Migration Act 1958 to do so.

Where the APEIRO INSTITUTE has entered into an agreement with an education agent and subsequently becomes aware of, or reasonably suspects, the engagement by that education agent, or an employee or sub-contractor of that agent, of the conduct set out above, APEIRO INSTITUTE will terminate the agreement with the education agent.

  • This does not apply where an individual employee or sub-contractor of the education agent was responsible for the conduct set out above and the education agent has terminated the relationship with that individual employee or sub-contractor.

APEIRO INSTITUTE will take immediate corrective and preventative action upon becoming aware of an education agent being negligent, careless or incompetent or being engaged in false, misleading or unethical advertising and recruitment practices, including practices that could harm the integrity of Australian education and training.


APEIRO INSTITUTE marketing materials must be developed and reviewed using the Marketing Material Checklist, to ensure it meets APEIRO INSTITUTE’s quality guidelines.

ALL Marketing Material Checklist’s must be logged in the Marketing Materials Register, along with samples of the materials, in order to track and review effective marketing strategies.

New and Revised marketing materials are to be forwarded to ALL Education Agents, to ensure that APEIRO INSTITUTE’s materials are up to date and do not mislead potential student’s about APEIRO INSTITUTE’s courses and services.