Student Services

APEIRO INSTITUTE has a Student Support team designated to support students. Reception is open daily Monday to Friday. Students are free to approach any APEIRO INSTITUTE staff member for help or make general inquiries, for example : directions, public transport and other day-to-day needs, banking, and access to other services.

Arrival in Australia

APEIRO INSTITUTE can arrange for students to be met at the airport and taken to their accommodation. Student needs to indicate the need of this service when submitting the application form.

Orientation and Transition Support

All students go through an Orientation Program during their first week at APEIRO INSTITUTE. The Orientation program involves familiarisation with the campus, facilities and living and studying in Perth. Orientation program includes:

  • Orientation to Perth and a tour of APEIRO INSTITUTE
  • Details of the course, time table, staff members contact details
  • Welfare and Academic issues
  • Details of other Student Services and Support available in the Student Handbook
  • Information on other support available eg. Legal,emergency and health services available
  • Visa requirements and student safety for international students
  • A copy of Student Handbook

Academic, Language and Learning Support

APEIRO INSTITUTE is dedicated to provide the best Academic support. Students can approach their trainers, Course Coordinators, Department Head or the Student Support Officers if they need assistance in meeting course requirements.

The Course Coordinators and/ or Department Head can assist students with the following:

  • Study Skills
  • Time tables
  • Learning Support Strategies
  • Academic issues

Student Welfare Services

APEIRO INSTITUTE has Student Support Officers to provide a basic counselling service to all students. This service provides assistance to students experiencing difficulties in any aspect of their lives, including issues of academic or personal nature.

The student support officers are available to international students to help the access study support and welfare related services such as;

  • Legal Services
  • Accommodation
  • Emergency and Health Services
  • Facilities and Resource
  • Complaints and appeals processes

APEIRO INSTITUTE can also refer students to external counselling Service for various issues if necessary, however each issue is dealt with on a case by case basis. There is no fee attached to this welfare support and referral service. Any cost charged by the external services will be paid by students.

In addition to the normal support services, international students are provided with arrange of specialist services such as assistance with resume writing and looking for part-time work. Students have access to welfare-related support services to assist with issues that may arise during their study, including program progress, attendance requirements, and accommodation. These services are made available to all APEIRO INSTITUTE students.