Why An Automotive Course Is One Of The Most Sought After Courses

Are you passionate about automobiles or ever thought of designing your car?

The Automotive Industry is a gigantic sector, and nowadays, it is one of the most indispensable sectors of the economy, as innovations in commuting are becoming more progressive than ever. With the advent of technology, almost every day, a new automotive product is introduced. Therefore, those who study/want to study Automotive/Automobile technology have to keep themselves updated with the current norms of the industry.

What entails an Automotive course?

Automotive technology is one of the most sophisticated courses in engineering, which involves the design, manufacturing, modification and maintenance of automobiles such as buses, cars, trucks and other vehicles.

What Would You Learn In An Automotive Course?

A wide range of subjects is taught in the Automobile course which includes mobility design and aesthetics. The course will also cover automotive materials, automotive electrical and electronics, computer-aided vehicle design, vehicle maintenance, electric mobility. Students will also learn about thermodynamics, engineering mechanics. Furthermore, students will know about manufacturing technology, fuels and lubricants, the strength of materials IC engines and gas turbines, automotive chassis, vehicle dynamics, automotive components design, off-road vehicles, auto refrigeration and air conditioning and vehicle maintenance.

Want to become an Automotive Engineer?

The first step to becoming an Automotive technician is to pursue a course from a reputed  institute. APEIRO Institute, located in Sydney, Perth & Melbourne, has courses in Automotive and Mechanical Diagnosis: AUR30616 – Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, AUR40216 – Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis and AUR50216 – Diploma of Automotive Technology. The institute has state of the art workshops and excellent tutors guiding each student with the knowledge and skills they require to pursue their dreams.

Certificate III and IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis qualification at APEIRO Institute reflect the role of individuals who perform advanced diagnostic tasks in the automotive retail, service and repair industry.

Entry Requirements at APEIRO:

  • Must be 18 years or above AND
  • Completion of Australian Year 12 or equivalent AND
  • Completion of an automotive mechanical Certificate III qualification, or to be able to demonstrate equivalent competency AND
  • IELTS Academic Test score of at least 5.5 or Equivalent (Not Applicable for Australian Residents)

Course Content:

This course consists of a core unit and 9 Elective units. To know more about the course, click here.

Types of Job Roles for an Automobile Expert

After attaining a relevant degree in automobile engineering, there is a plethora of automobile engineering job profiles in various sectors. Listed below are some of the famous automobile engineering job profiles:

Car Designer: Car designers often work with automobile engineers to create innovative ideas for designing new automobiles. The job role of the car designer is just limited to a new design made to make it functional so that it appeals to consumers. Apart from that, they also have to make sure their design is environmentally friendly and affordable.

Automobile Designer: Their job responsibility is to design the appearance, components and parts of automobiles and road vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorbikes and buses. Apart from this, their job includes the vehicle’s functional development, including the mechanical, electrical, software, electronic, and safety aspects.

Executive and Managerial Positions: Many top-level automobile engineers occupy administrative and managerial positions in various MNCs and the corporate world.

What are the advantages of becoming an Automotive Diagnosis Technician?

  • A career as an automotive technician is a very stable career as there is no way back in this respective field.
  • It is easier to set up one’s own business like an auto body shop for automobile engineers after gaining sufficient experience.
  • The salary packages of automobile engineers are excellent, with additional benefits in the form of incentives.

Why Study in Australia?

The country of Australia is an upcoming technological hub. Universities here are built on solid ideals of research and exploration. Automobile courses here are amongst the most sought-after, and a sizable number of Indian students are also migrating to Australia to take advantage of the high-spirited university atmosphere.

For more information about the automotive courses, please click here or visit our website: https://www.apeiro.edu.au/.

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