The Ten Myths And Reasons Behind Poor IELTS Scoring

IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is an extremely popular proficiency test for English language, which has worldwide recognition. There are thousands of coaching classes for helping students get an IELTS certificate. But, ironically, there are many misconceptions attached to the IELTS test, coming from unreliable and bogus sources.

Let us discuss ten crazy myths about IELTS test:

Just one correct answer in IELTs speaking test

Most students who attempt the IELTS speaking test feel that it is similar to a mathematical test. However, when expert examiners are checking or judging you, they are only concerned about

  • Your fluency and precision
  • Your verbal resource
  • Grammatical consistency
  • Correct pronunciation

The answers to the queries are irrelevant. Ten students can give ten diverse answers to a single question, but the judgement is done on basis of the above mentioned factors.

In the IELTS speaking and writing tests, you must realise that there could be several correct answers to a particular question. Enrolling in government affiliated learning institutes in Perth can help students master the English language.

Examiner should agree with your opinion

You should understand the fact that IELTS is test to judge your English language prowess; it is not a test where your general knowledge is checked. The main examiner may not agree with your opinion but you could still end up with a high band score.

The test is basically to review your speaking ability. Quality coaching institutes or classes in Perth City encourages students to get an IELTS certificate based on their discipline and hard-work.

There are special testing centres that offer easy tests

All the testing centres maintain a similar standard of testing. For example, some Australian students think that centres in the Perth area may be more special than others, but it is not true.

Every IELTS centre follows same rules and procedures, whether in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne. However, when it comes to IELTS training, seek reputable IELTS training classes to gain quality learning.

There are discreet ways to cheat

You cannot cheat the IELTS exam to get a certificate. Such fake news about cheating is spread to deceive the students and get some fast cash. Good coaching classes and learning institutes know that IELTS is recognized worldwide for its reliability and benchmark policies.

Lenient and generous examiners

If any particular examiner is being lenient or overly liberal, they have to answer to the senior examiners above them. An IELTS examiner can lose his job, if he displays such uncharacteristic traits. The examiner has no reason to like or dislike someone; his only duty is to give a correct scoring based on your proficiency.

As a potential student, you can contact reputable government aided IELTS coaching in Perth, Australia, which provide superior learning courses to know the real facts.

Just learning about IELTS is enough

Many students feel that learning or having theoretical knowledge about the IELTS certificate test can be sufficient to get high scores. Practising and honing your English skills is vital, you must work on improving your general English (written and spoken). Otherwise, it is difficult to get good scores with a fair knowledge of IELTS.

Big words get you big scores

Insertion of complex words into your writing with lot of other grammatical mistakes can never impress an IELTS examiner. The words should co-relate and flow along, and decent vocabulary knowledge is essential for that.

If you are not very confident about a particular word, do not use it. Good tutors in coaching classes always make sure they dispel such myths.

Do not ask to repeat the question

In a speaking test, you can ask the IELTS examiner to repeat a particular question. Students have the right to know the meaning of a particularly difficult word (only one word can be explained per question).

If you did not hear a question the first time, ask the examiner to repeat it without feeling awkward about it. Enrolling yourself in a trusted institute for IELTS coaching classes can make you more confident.

High scores are possible only with a British or American accent

There is no rule that a student with a beautiful British or American accent gets good scores. The examiner values clear speech and good intonation, these two aspects of speech can help you get an IELTS certificate with good scores. Trusted coaching classes can bring out the best in you.

Use an exhaustive range of grammatical structures

Using wide range of complex structures is acceptable as long it is error-free. Reducing the usage of too many tenses and structures can also reduce the errors you make. Students going to learning centres or coaching classes need to focus on error-free writing in a writing test.

Government funded courses for IELTS classes in Perth can help you gain confidence to attempt IELTS test and dismiss common myths.

Apeiro Training Services offers competitive IELTS course Perth with cost effective fee structure. They have professional coaching tutors, ensuring top scores in IELTS.

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