Student life in Australia

Australia – the land of white sand beaches and glorious weather, a country best to travel and study, no wonder students from all over the globe come here. Australia has attracted students for an abundance of reasons, but the topmost being the lifestyle it promises. From gorgeous beaches to nightlife, the numerous tourist destinations have all the ingredients for a wondrous student destination.

The most important reason why students want to study in Australia is the desire to learn in globally reputed Universities and Institutes. An incredibly diverse country, Australia varies in religion, history, language and art, so students who opt to study will find themselves in a country with such a fascinating environment.

What Does Australia Offer to Students?

Apart from the exotic beaches and gorgeous tourist destinations, Australia hosts some of the best Universities in the world. The Australian education system is cheaper than studying in America or the UK. The living expense is more affordable, and most international students can afford the quality of living, the various entertainment the country has to offer. Beautiful landscapes attract students as well, as one can expect to see stunning landscapes, coastlines as well as modern cities. Home to many mammals, reptiles, and other indigenous animals, there are countless things which makes Australia the perfect choice to study.

Cost of Living

Did you know Australia ranks amongst the top 10 in the Human Development Index as well as the Quality of Life Index? That means a developed nation like Australia is listed in the leading countries in terms of its education system. But as a student, these statistics hardly matter, what matters is the cost one would need to stay and study in Australia. International students will have a lot of options to stay, depending on the budget you might choose to live in a hostel, flat or live on the campus or live with a local family(homestay). The overall cost depends on how you choose to live your lifestyle, the distance to the University, daily commute and what facilities would you choose to have close by, like restaurants, hospitals, shopping centres etc.

Working While Studying

Australian Immigration Laws are analogously simpler than America, the UK, when it comes to working while studying. A simple request to the administration will often make you eligible to work in Australia even if you are an international student. And after you graduate from the University, companies, local businessmen, and other corporations often hire international students. The Labour Law of Australia protects the students, so there won’t be any discrimination when it comes to payroll. Jobs can vary from organisation to organisation, some students can enrol for an on-campus as well as local jobs, and often universities have a department which would help the students to find the right position. There are on-campus as well as local jobs available, and often the institutions have a separate department which will help you find the right jobs. The students are employed in various organisations such as retail, hospitality to administration. It is crucial to know that Australia offers. It is important to note that Australia offers attractive post-study work options.

Perth, capital of Western Australia, where the Swan River meets the southwest coast is truly magnificent. Sandy beaches line its suburbs, and the huge, riverside Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mount Eliza offer sweeping views of the city.

Perth hosts one of the finest institutions, APEIRO which has courses in Business and Automotive Technology providing international students with the knowledge and experience to boost their career tenfolds. The institute consists of professionals keen to share our knowledge and build better outcomes in the community. APEIRO is here to create infinite possibilities for all the new beginners willing to learn and adapt to the changes in the modern world. The courses are suited to individuals who possess knowledge in business and automotive skills and wish to consolidate and build pathways to further education or employment opportunities. So why wait?

Learn more about Australia and APEIRO here:

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