Importance Of The Speaking Section While Preparing For The PTE Academic

Preparing for the PTE Academic test requires in-depth study and analysis of different patterns. The test provides and English level score required for entering into English speaking universities in Australia.

For this very reason, the test has been designed to assess a student’s English reading, writing and speaking ability. The total number of international students applying for leading English speaking universities has been growing in numbers, whereas more and more universities and institutions, including the ones in China, are only accepting native English speakers. Due to fierce competition in the market, preparing for PTE Academic Perth now holds greater importance than ever before.

The PTE English Test Pattern

If you look for PTE coaching in Perth, you can find several institutions offering complete course related study. However, what you need to know before taking the test is the pattern of the examination. PTE English test consists of 4 different sections:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

So, in order to score good pointsand, you have to excel in all these 4 areas.

Emphasizing on Speaking

Speaking is one of the most important sections considered in PTE academic test. It allows examiners to determine whether or not a student is fluent in English language. To do well in the speaking section, students can enrol for PTE coaching in Perth in any of the leading institutions. In addition, they can follow some of these golden tips to score higher marks.

Read Aloud:

Your diction is very important. To get it right, you must speak clearly and stay focused. Use punctuation in sentences to understand when you have to pause for a short breath. Using pauses correctly conveys full meaning of a sentence, helps read fluently, following a rhythm. Emphasize more on the key syllables to achieve this and speak words louder and clearer.

Repeat Sentences:

To score high marks in speaking, students should learn how to produce correct word sequences. Having better understanding of phrases can lead to better sentence production. Listen for those words that are stressed as such words have meaningful use and allow you to repeat what is heard more accurately.

Image Description:

An image is displayed to be described. In this part, students should organize all the points needed to be spoken first so that they can score good marks. An answer, when organized, has better chances of covering crucial information as well as additional details. It also highlights implications and draws conclusion based on information provided.

Repeat Lecture:

An image is displayed followed by a recorded speech. Students look at the image and then the recording is played. This gives an overall idea of the topic. In the next 40 seconds, students have to repeat the key points of the lecture. Utilize time and don’t repeat ideas or try to make corrections, as this would only amount of wastage of time. Keep talking without hesitation.

Keep Your Answers Short and Accurate:

Students who can give short and accurate answers usually score highest point in PTE. Avoid speaking more than you should; long answers don’t lead to higher scores anyways. While speaking, don’t pause for long; else the recording ends. Immediately after the question is played, recording begins; start speaking without wasting a second. Pauses lasting longer than 3 seconds leads to end of recording and the status changes to “completed.” If you fail to finish on time, the answer is still classes as “completed.” Then, you need to click on the “Next” button.


Of all the 4 sections of PTE, speaking is amongst the most difficult test. This is mainly because students don’t have much time to think about what to say, or prepare, unlike writing. Preparation for speaking element is thus, crucial to score good points. Coaching courses and PTE classes can help students learn tips and tricks to speak accurately and to the point.

If you are looking for a expert PTE coaching, you can come to Apeiro Training Services. It is a resourceful PTE course specialist in Perth, offering all round coaching based on proven techniques for gaining your desired score in the test.

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