Everything You Need To Know About Graduate Diploma In Management Learning

Everything You Need To Know About Graduate Diploma In Management Learning

Are you a student looking for career options as a manager and can drive organizational learning and capability development? In that case, the Graduate Diploma of Management Learning
qualification is the right one for you. The Graduate Diploma in Management Learning gives you a solid grounding and an overview of a broad range of business theories, strategies, and
applications. A mid-level graduate qualification, this program is ideal for the manager and can be studied on-campus or online, with a broad community of support available. It is pursued
individually or as part of a pathway to an MBA. The skills and techniques you learn will enable you to become a more effective leader and confidently apply current theories and ideas to real-
life scenarios.

This course has a strong focus on innovative thinking and implementing strategic research. You will also learn how to take an active role in mentoring, coaching and developing the careers of
organizational employees. Typically, you would have full responsibility and accountability for the individual output and work of others. This may apply to any leaders and managers in an
organization where learning builds organizational capability. The Graduate Diploma in Management Learning is a course that helps you develop the skills and knowledge needed for
your career.

Qualification details/Course overview

This qualification reflects the roles of individuals who apply highly specialized knowledge and skills in organizational learning and capability development. In these roles, they are required to
generate and evaluate complex ideas, and to start, design, and execute major learning and development functions within an organization. Typically, they would have full responsibility and
accountability for the individual output and work of others.

Pathways into the Qualification

No specific pathway is mandated. However, BSB60420 Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management or BSB60120 Advanced Diploma in Business is recommended.
Candidates may enter the qualification through several entry points showing the potential to undertake study at the graduate level, including:
With a relevant Diploma or Advanced Diploma, or a relevant Certificate III or Certificate IV together with significant relevant vocational practice with a higher education qualification,
appropriate vocational practice with the related Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning), which will credit as four elective units towards this qualification. A candidate with this related
qualification will be required to successfully complete the two core units and two further elective units to meet the requirements of the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) with
extensive relevant vocational practice, without formal qualifications.


A variety of assessment methods form a part of this course, including written assignments, presentations, portfolios of work, role plays, and projects.

Course Program

This qualification requires the successful completion of 8 units of Competency (3 Core units and 5 Elective units).

Core subjects

  • BSBHRM613 Contribute to the Development of Learning and Development Strategies
  • BSBLDR811 Lead Strategic Transformation
  • TAELED803 Implement Improved Learning Practice

Elective subjects

  • BSBINS603 Initiate and Lead Applied Research.
  • BSBLDR812 Develop and Cultivate Collaborative Partnerships and Relationships.
  • BSBSTR801 Lead Innovative Thinking and Practice.
  • BSBHRM611 Contribute to Organizational Performance Development.
  • BSBSTR602 Develop Organizational Strategies.

Entry requirements

Candidates may enter the qualification through several entry points showing potential to undertake study at graduate level.

Academic requirement:

  • Successful completion of Diploma Qualification or Bachelor Degree or work experience in the field of organizational learning and capability development.

English Requirement:

  • A minimum of IELTS 6-6.5 or equivalent score is required.

Learning outcomes

Through this course, you will understand and learn various things related to management learning:

  • Organizational learning and capability development

Career opportunities and potential roles

Accreditation in this qualification may enable any potential student to get employment in a range of roles within private corporations, government, and small to medium enterprises, including:

  • Project administrator
  • Department manager

Skills you will gain through this course

With Graduate Diploma of Management Learning, you will learn various skills such as

  • Crucial communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • Finance and investment
  • Leadership qualities
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurial skills and many more.

The Graduate Diploma Management Learning offers various features, and online education may save your time and money. Successful completion of the Graduate Diploma of Management
Learning allows learners to apply for credit transfer in Australian Universities. It polishes your skills and prepares you to become a professional manager in a short period. You are more likely
to secure a dream job after you graduate.

To know more, visit: https://www.apeiro.edu.au

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