Career Prospects In Australia For Automobile Enthusiasts

Australia has always been a popular destination for expats to work. Some fascinating facts about Australia’s work atmosphere are its low population density and high living standards. The serene beaches, wildlife, an array of popular restaurants and pubs is highly inviting for anyone looking to settle there, with a lucrative job.

Although the job markets are pretty competitive for foreigners, the country’s job market in Australia is quite competitive. The country presents a plethora of opportunities and possibilities to anyone aspiring to relocate to the nation on professional grounds. Predominantly, the work culture in Australia allows people to socialise during work hours as well.

With a booming economy, the automotive market sees a rapid expansion in sales, repair and services. So it is the right time to apply if you are interested in making a career in the automotive department.

What   comprises the Automotive Industry in Australia?

The automotive industry comprises car manufacturers, parts dealers, retailers and the mechanics that research, design, develop, manufacture and sell various parts of a motor vehicle. Motor vehicles include commuter vehicles, buses, motorcycles, trucks and other recreational motorised vehicles.

What is the market size of the Automotive Industry in Australia in 2021?

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Automotive Industry is $138.9bn in 2021.

So if you are passionate about performing a broad range of tasks on a variety of light vehicles in the automotive retail, service and repair industry, the automotive sector beckons you to Australia.

Career Prospects in the Automotive Industry

As a car enthusiast, simply driving isn’t fun; the passion for the craftsmanship and the engineering that goes into each vehicle is equally mesmerising. The love for vehicles need not have to end in a backyard garage but it can also put you on the fast track to an awesome career.        

There are ample car jobs that can help you accelerate your career into high gear.

Auto Body Technician

An auto body technician is solely responsible for the safety and efficiently fixing customers’ cars, whether it’s repairing car frames, wheel alignments, suspensions, etc.Automotive engineer

Automotive engineers’ job is to design new cars and improvise current models. Along the way, they’re given many complex tests, depending on the manufacturer’s needs.

Automotive instructor

The perfect job to share your passion for cars with others. While working in a classroom/shop environment, automotive instructors teach students about transportation, engine repair, and other automotive things.

Auto sales manager

Auto sales managers are the ones who keep car dealerships in motion. From leading a sales team and maintaining inventory levels, the sales manager has to oversee many moving parts while also helping customers choose the perfect vehicle.

These are some of the careers you can apply for if you are interested in the automotive sector.

Future Of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is becoming an increasingly tech-driven field. As technology advances, automakers are following closely, looking for new ways to integrate mobile and wireless components into the driver experience.

How Is The Current Scene Of the Automotive Industry In Australia?

The automotive industry in Australia includes more than 100,000 different companies that generate about 400,000 jobs. These include motor mechanics, auto electricians, body repairers and other occupations, including HGV or Diesel mechanics—an excellent opportunity for local and overseas workers.

Motor mechanic work, in general, is an extensive occupation employing 100,700 workers.The number of jobs has grown enormously over the past 5 years, and a few changes in the number of jobs is expected in the future. Automotive Repair and Maintenance is also listed as one of the sectors with the most prominent shortages in Australia. Automotive Repair and Maintenance is at 52%, with Diesel Mechanic at 12% in the weighted average of needed occupations. According to the article posted by autorecruiter.


Suppose you are an avid car lover and want to learn how to perform a broad range of tasks on various light vehicles in the automotive retail, service and repair industry. In that case, Apeiro Institute provides automotive courses with state-of-the-art in-house workshops.

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